Quote: “The ultimate goal of human evolution here on Earth is a collectivity of moral, free individualities, which have reached the socialization stage.”

I am the inventor of quantum transactional analysis (QTA) and with this concept, you can facilitate transforming processes for individuals (life coaching), families, teams and companies. So you can find answers to questions, problems and obstacles life is giving so generously. These difficulties and obstacles are the resistance given by life itself in order to invite us to grow to more autonomy, freedom and maturity. My books can give you some guidance concerning these processes of transformation, at the end you can take your life back into your own hands. Transforming hurts, because it often happens in a process of mourning. These are the growing pains towards more maturity, independence and freedom. Each process of transformation invites you to become inner stronger, to stand in your core power and to become your own standard. An autonomous and free person is able to create freedom by making choices, taking decisions and carrying responsibility. Evolving towards freedom is not always easy and some help sometimes can be welcome.

Autonomy is the opposite of dependency. In the first place, the dependency of the old script creeds. A script is a program, existing of convictions about yourself and the world. Individuals, families, cultures, companies, have an invisible script lying beneath, on the basis of their structures and this gives a ground for certain behaviors. Most people function in a kind of autopilot and (re)produce (unconsciously) always the same (script) behavior, again and again (compulsive repetition).

There are winner, non-winner and loser scripts. Scripts can be destructive as a result of fear and poverty consciousness (a scarcity mindset) for example. Here we speak of dramatic scripts. Children write their script beneath seven years of age in their limbic system (mammal brain). So you cannot find any logic in a script. This programming exists of the totality of survival decisions, children take in order to stay alive in situations that happen all the time, again and again, in their youth. These situations can be positive or traumatic. During your live, you adjust your script continuously.

I am experienced for decades in individual accompaniment (life coaching) of people with a rather destructive and dramatic personal script. When you are convinced of something, it will come out (self-fulfilling prophecy). So when you are able to transform your convictions about yourself and the world, other realities will occur. This is the essence of creating freedom. My books can inspire you by offering different frames of reference, to look at life. Other perceptions induce other circumstances. This is how you transform your past and in doing so, also your present and your future. This is how you grow to an autonomous and free individual, which is his own standard and which is independent of the approval, recognition, appraisal and the behavior of others. Autonomy also means to be independent of so called survival addictions and compulsive repetition of always the same (script) behavior again and again (autopilot). Since juli 2020 I am retired. From then on you can only be guided by video conferences or e-mail. Before you contact me, you have to read the first two books.

If a company wants to undergo an enduring improvement project, there are some conditions to be fulfilled: the objective always has to be that each collaborator in that company is invited to grow to maturity and autonomy. Then we have to examine the unconscious restrictive believes in that company script. Further on, each manager in the company, and mostly those of the higher echelons have to undergo an individual script transforming coaching. The founder of that enterprise and the present leaders are responsible for the company script convictions, consisting of their unaware beliefs and doctrines. The transformation of the individual scripts of the current directors towards freedom and autonomy, leads to the transformation of the company script. Self-leadership becomes the base of their management. Leaders have to look themselves deep in the eyes and have tot transform their shadow. Then they stand in their core power or existing power and only then they are capable to empower their co-workers, by inviting them to autonomy and maturity, simply by being an example and by walking their talk. The final result is that employees in turn produce unseen and unprecedented added value out of pure pleasure. The natural consequence is a successful, innovative company that is driven on the one hand by the creativity and intelligence of its employees and on the other hand on the trust and strength of its leaders. And this in turn results in profit. As of 2017, I no longer provides company trainings. As a manager, counselor, company trainer or coach you can receive training or supervision via video conferences or e-mail. You do need to read the first two books in advance.

I am an artist as well. Art often is the result of a transforming process and it does not only work in a transforming way for the artist, it can have a transforming effect on the spectator as well. Under the button poetry you can read some of my poems. You can also enjoy my paintings by clicking here.

Anne Wuyts is co-founder of  TransVormMensia, where, previews of her books are offered

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