Quote: “Language may again become a language of feeling and a language of will, whereby words as expressions of concepts may be your own creations.”

I consider myself as a moral philosopher, life consultant, teacher, poet, painter and writer. I had a practice as a psychotherapist since 1988 and I was a teacher in communication and leadership in companies since 1993. In 2018, I renewed my career as an ethics teacher in highschool. In my writings I share my experiences on my sometimes difficult path to autonomy. The final result is my first book on quantum transactional analysis and spirituality (2013). Seven years earlier, I started to assimilate my own sometimes difficult processes. The road to autonomy is not always a walk in the park, on the contrary. I wrote about eighty poems, some of which can be found in my books and on my TransVormMensia-blog. Here is one from my last bundle.


While swimming
Through the pools of perdition
One longs for a better day
Where happiness cheers
With no condition
And all responsibilities
Will fade away

And dragging
Through the depths of hell
One dreams of a greater stay
A paradise like life
Where everything goes well
And the meaning of karma
Fades away

But in the dessert
You are dragging now
So stand still were you are
And feel the blazing pain
While everything
Of no importance
Burns for good away

Until then you cannot crawl up
As a wounded man standing
Who carries his injuries
With dignity
Until then you cannot grow up
As an adult man knowing
He is always creating
His own reality

More poetry you can find in her books en on TransVormMensia

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