Quote: “A freethinker does phenomenologically free research.”

I think of myself as a free thinker, a liberal. I studied a lot of frames of reference and lived through a lot of experiences on the professional and the personal level. These frames of reference I share with people that ask for professional help.

I am licensed in moral philosophy (VUB 1974-1978) and laymen’s guidance (life-coaching) (VUB, 1981). After a career of ten years as a school teach, I learned about enterprise policy, marketing, sales (VLEKO 1988) and HRM (IPO 1994). Then I started working for editors as an account manager, selling publicity space. First as an employee, later on as an independent entrepreneur.

Meanwhile I kept on the learning in order to broaden my perceptions and to widen my frames of reference: transactional analysis of Eric Berne (VITA 1986-1987 & l’Atelier Transactionel 2004-2005); iatroposophy (1990-1999), an integration of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy, Jungian analytical psychology, Hahnemannian unitarian homeopathy and the alchemy of Paracelsus, facilitated by Jan Pieter de Kok (collegia iatroposophica) and Luc Verherstraeten. In the years 2004-2009 I learned about Reichian body work with Sander Bloemendal, in the supervision group. In 2006 I followed the MTL6 training with Sander Bloemendal, in order to become an auctor, a fore runner. In this year I also was initiated in Reiki healing by Elise Van der Voort. Further on, 2006 is the year where I took lessons from Vera Box Thijs to get acquainted with classical kabbalah and the applying of kabbalah wisdom in coaching processes. The years 2007-2010 I took lessons with Johannes Schmidt, a pupil of Bert Hellinger, with the intention to learn about constellation work, trauma healing and advanced trauma healing. My aim was to deepen in the healing of very early development trauma, so I learned about the principles of cranio-sacral therapy with Martine Hoeree. In 2009 I was initiated by Bart van der Herten as Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem Master (Ancient art of healing). In september 2015 I started my studies at the Thomas More Highschool in Mechelen where you can become a degree for teaching in primery school. In that way I wanted to deepen and refining even more my communication with the inner Child, via the method of inductive learning.

From 1993 till 2017 I developed my carrier as a trainer and coach in communication and leadership in enterprises. Since 1988 I had a practice as a life-coach. Upward of 2018 I retook my career as an ethics teacher in high school and I finished teaching in companies. I retired in July 2020 and for the time being I consider myself a passionate, retired writer and freedom fighter.

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