Quote: “Change is a condition for transformation. But change management without transformation management leads to nothing”

I was consultant, trainer and coach in companies from 1993 till 2017. I gave transforming trainings, coaching’s and advise, for individuals and groups, professional and private, for those who desired to develop towards autonomy, self-government and freedom. It is about creating your own identity, being centered and to be able to carry your own processes in yourself (containing).

I inspired organizations to evolve, through script transformation of the managers (by training and individual coaching), to a healthy company’s script. Meaning that the new opinions in the enterprise must be based on the confidence in the co-workers and their intelligence. Collaborators were invited -voluntarily- to follow script transforming coaching’s and trainings. So, teams could grow from dependent, on fear based, badly functioning teams, that mirror their boss and the script of the department, to autonomous, independent, teams that create freely and from pure pleasure, added value in an innovative and creative way. Poverty awareness (a scarcity mindset) and fear, which lead to “change”, with the purpose to economize, had to be transformed into prosperity awareness (a mindset of abundance) and confidence. Welfare aware companies invest in their people and in their clients; the result is true costumer friendliness (intern and extern). Organizations with the right intentions will always attract wellbeing.

Anne Wuyts gave inspiring and transforming trainings, advise, and individual coaching’s. Here follows a grip of the products I developed: Emotional intelligence / Active listening / Communication between different generations / Motivation of generation Y / Assertiveness with self-respect and self-esteem / To create win-win circumstances through welfare awareness / To work effectively for different managers / Evolution interviews / To cope with difficult situations, by containing your autonomous nervous system (ANS) such as: complaints, aggression, stress, absenteeism, burn-out… / Selling with morality and respect / To give interactive presentations / Time management and restrictive script beliefs about time / Team communication / Transformation management instead of change management / Inspiring leadership by self leadership and self government / Retirement / Coach the coach / Train the trainer / Supervision

From now on, as a manager, counselor, company trainer and coach you can be facilitated only via my books.

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