Quote: “The more conceptual frameworks you have, and the bigger your vocabulary is, the closer your perceptions are to reality.”

According to Rudolf Steiner it is the mission of mankind to bring freedom into the world. Carl Gustav Jung speaks of the individuation process. Eric Berne talks about the integrated Adult. All three of them are talking about a process of personal development towards more freedom, autonomy and maturity. I like to speak about free thinkers (liberals) who dare to put their script convictions in question and by sharing their feelings, dreams, thoughts, experiences, and outcomes are willing to expand their frames of reference and to broaden their perceptions. The larger your frames of reference are, the closer your perceptions are to the truth.

My books can help people, asking for support with their introspection, in their development process towards more responsible, conscious, mature, independent individualities so that they are able to take back their lives into their own hands. In that way, I want to contribute to the healing of the world, the economy, politics, business, nature and the earth.

By sharing experiences, by sharing what I lived through and what I transformed, I offer new frames of reference to look at the world, your history and yourself. By transforming your frames of reference, you widen your perceptions, you examine your restrictive creeds and you become a free (liberal) thinker. Liberals mostly are broad-minded and tolerant, they do not judge, they share. And by sharing they widen their perceptions and their world views. In this widening of perceptions, old convictions and script beliefs are transformed towards new insights. This has a healing effect. Everyone has the right to define, which insights belong to him or not. Autonomy means to become more and more a free thinker, to examine opinions and beliefs, and to give up old doctrines.

In that way, via my books, I accompany aid askers, on their way to self-achievement. Old programming’s, old beliefs, old doctrines, are peeled and people may discover who in essence, they really are. They may develop their own vision and mission and stand for who they really always where and what they really want.

To invite people to autonomy, freedom and self-government via liberal thinking and (self) examination, is the opposite of reprogramming, indoctrinating and manipulating. Because this makes people dependent and unfree.

New frames of reference may invite you to see your life in wider perspectives. The frames of reference you find in my books, were experienced, examined and lived through by myself. In that way anthroposophy, spirituality, moral philosophy, art of paint and poetry can be healing frames of reference for a lot of people. Of course, every free person has the duty to explore the given frames of reference and to decide whether or not, they fit in the existing frames of reference, through the knowledge of discernment.

You can read more about growing to autonomy and transforming your script with the help of transactional Analysis and Quantum Transactional Analysis on my blog and in my books.

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