Quote: “Michael’s sword is intuitive thinking, where a moral fantasy is transformed through moral technique into a forceful, never-before-executed act for the benefit of humanity.”

In 1894 Steiner wrote his first major book, “The philosophy of freedom“. Here he writes about his own monistic epistemology and he proves that within the karmic necessity we have a great degree of freedom because we can think. The reading of this book can facilitate you on the way to fully and consciously unfold your individuality through sense-free, living thinking. With this you start your first steps in a totally new initiation path, which belong to the era in which we live. In 2013 I wrote my own “philosophy of freedom” with “Quantum Transactional Analysis and Spirituality“. In this I give my own epistemology and I opt for qualitative scientific research (phenomenology). This book can guide you in taking important steps during your personality development through free thinking in a phenomenological way. I describe how you can use script-transforming mourning processes to arrive at the essence of who you are, always have been and who you may become again: a free, autonomous and mature human. Moreover, these script-transforming processes are part of a contemporary, modern way of initiation.

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 Book 1: Quantum Transactional Analysis & Spirituality: about transforming towards more autonomy & attaining freedom; about creating your own reality

“Quantum transactional analysis and Spirituality” is a book written in clear language and easy to read by everyone in which different frames of reference and perceptions pollinate and fertilize each other. Eric Berne’s transactional analysis is taken to a higher level and topped with a Jungian sauce, where images, dreams, thoughts and symbols are given their meaning. The quantum field of zero point energy is associated with the natural beings and the elementals, as Steiner described them. The so-called objective, mental, calculated science is questioned and subjective free research is put forward. It is a book full of innovative ideas, original thoughts, innovative theories. This book provides the recipe for your journey to an autonomous and free person. Carl Gustav Jung calls this the individuation process. Eric Berne talks about the integrated Adult. Rudolf Steiner speaks about an individuality. Moreover, you get the key to manifest your own reality in complete freedom.

Book 2: Quantum Transactional Analysis & New Age: slowing down, deepening and identifying towards more freedom, autonomy and maturity

“Quantum Transactional Analysis and New Age” is a sequel to “Quantum Transactional Analysis and Spirituality”. You can see it as a deepening, an addition and a re-identifying. Concepts such as ‘script’ and ‘ego states’ are covered in an innovative way. They are compared with – in the world of management – more familiar concepts such as ‘DISC’ and ‘Social Styles’. The difference between working on behaviour (effect), and working on script (cause) is further explored. It explains how in the process of script transformation, ego states evolve to the integrated Adult. The book is about the transformation of the old thinking to quantum thinking, which is inherent to the New Age. The characteristics of the old world and the new world are compared (see blog). The New Age culture grows slowly and steadily from its foundations, built by the ancestors of the New Age People in previous centuries. The old world, which has a self-destructive script, is crumbling rapidly. In this book you can read how New Age People, which manifest themselves as freethinkers practicing phenomenological free inquiry, can contribute to building the New World, which is characterized by a collective script in which freedom, autonomy and maturity, relying on morality, empathy and emotional intelligence triumphs.

In “Quantum transactional analysis & the road to the New Spiritual World” books 1 & 2 are brought together. You will find different frames of reference and perceptions that pollinate and fertilize each other. Eric Berne’s transactional analysis is taken to a higher level and topped with a spiritual sauce. The quantum field of zero point energy is associated with the natural beings and the hierarchies, as described by Steiner. The so- called objective, mental, calculated science is questioned and subjective free research is put forward. This book also provides the recipe for your journey to becoming an autonomous and free person. Moreover, you will receive the key to freely manifest your own reality. In the second part you will receive more explanation about important concepts in QTA. The old world that is on its last legs is quietly making way for the approaching Age of Aquarius.

Book 3: Quantum Transactional Analysis & the Ancient Ages: a study of the evolution towards collective integration & individuation by god archetypes in religion, mysteries, epics & philosophy

In “Quantum Transactional Analysis and the Ancient Ages,” the moral philosopher puts on the glasses of the quantum transactional analyst and reports. She is looking for how humanity grows collectively from the symbiotic stage through separation and integration into individuation and socialization. Symbiotic peoples opt for a strict, rewarding and punishing God. They live under the yoke of a harsh despot. And philosophers suppose in their political philosophies that an omnipotent monarch should guide them. With the Enlightenment and the associated collective integration phase, rational and empirical philosophers replace the God-Judge by a neutral architect and builder of the universe. Democracies begin to grow, along with industrialization and accumulation of capital. Many democracies in a capitalist system, however, have a culture of greed, fed by fear and poverty consciousness. Poverty is therefore in sight. The onset of the next given phase is called individuation and the New Age People begin to express their higher awareness and better functioning moral compass through new forms of living together, living-schools, alternative medicine, psychotherapy, ecological building, organic food and various art forms. How long will it take before the society, based on the Christian principle rises from the ruins of the rapidly crumbling old times?

Book 4: Quantum Transactional Analysis and Shadow management: An esoteric view on free thinking vs. the collective “do not think” & “do not know” as a result of mass-manipulation and mind control

In “Quantum Transactional Analysis and Shadow Management”, Evil is examined in all its facets. Is Evil in us or outside of us (l’enfer c’est l’autre)? Is Evil radical or banal? What is the function of Evil and how do we deal with it? Is Evil in the conspiracies and mass manipulations of the World Management Team. Are the corrupt politicians responsible for the bad world we live in? Are we the helpless victims? What does Carl Gustav Jung say about the Shadow? And Rudolf Steiner about The Little Guardian On The Threshold? What are the shadow facets of the drivers in T.A. and how can you transform them into the Integrated Adult? How does Evil manifest itself in the fantasy of great authors who play in and work with 4D? And how are the heroes in these stories dealing with it? What does your shadow archetype look like? And your hero archetype? What can each of us do? How can Evil have a function in healing? Is transformation possible without Evil? The rise and fall of Hitler ‘s Third Empire, Steiner ‘s Anti-Hierarchies, and so much more is discussed in this book. Enjoy!

Book 5: Quantum Transactional analysis and the Mystery of the Grail: About Celts, Grail knights, troubadours and British Christianity. About Cathars, Temple Knights, Rosicrusians and the gospel of St. John. About gnosis, esoterism and alchemy. About mysteries, secrets and initiation wisdom. About the preparation and arrival of Aquarius’ era

Quantum Transactional Analysis and the Mystery of the grail is about a discovery journey in search of the Holy Grail. We leave at the Red Knight. From there we arrive at the Celtic bards, Irish Christianity and the German gods. The teachings of Zarathustra and those of Mani take us through history to the Cathars of Occitan. We take part in an initiation in the caves of Ussat-Ornolac. We take a closer look at gnosis and esoteric Christianity with the gospel of St. John. With Rudolf Steiner, we study the teachings of the Rosecrusians and unveil their secrets. We are introduced to the Templars. And so we come closer to revealing the mystery of the grail. It is about initiates, hierophants and great masters, the forerunners in the evolution of humankind. They are the Merlins who can conjure, the Gandalfs with their flashy staff and the ladies of the lake, who travel through dimensions.

Book 6: Quantum Transactional Analysis & the “Philosophy of Freedom”: About anthroposophy, scholastics and metaphysics; about karma, script, necessity and freedom; about the anthroposophical vision of the future; about the search for truth; about tantra and Buddhism

Quantum Transactional Analysis & the “Philosophy of Freedom” is about a way to more freedom, autonomy, and maturity (individuation), but at a much higher level. We start with a study about the anthroposophical and therefore Western view of karma and incarnation. The question is, how free are we within the karmic necessity? Then we work through Steiner’s first major book, the “Philosophy of Freedom”. In it he explains his knowledge theory and he proves that we are free. Because Steiner is said to have been Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas in previous lives, we are re-examining the knowledge theories of these philosophers. We then investigate the anthroposophical vision of the future. This is not a very bright one. There are many challenges. However, if we follow the prescribed initiation path, we can learn to intervene in an appropriate way. This modern western initiation is placed alongside the ancient Eastern roads to nirvana or enlightenment, the tantric and the Buddhist one.

Book 7: Quantum Transactional Analysis & Philosophizing about Thinking, Freethinking and Freedom: a personal deepening; a personal experience; a personal exercise; a synthesis

In “Quantum Transactional Analysis & Philosophizing about Thinking, Freethinking and Freedom” I observe my own thinking. I know that I do not (yet) master living thinking and I look at how I am (passively) thought and how far my intellect reaches. In studying various frames of reference from philosophy, psychology and science, I watch whether I enjoy it or not and whether my heart and soul participate. The book stops, where I can no longer grasp things. In the last chapter you will find, just like in the previous book, a reflection on education in Flanders, based on my own experience.

Book 8: Quantum Transactional Analysis & Phenomenology: Thinking in a qualitative scientific way about concepts, words, symbols, theories and language

In all my works I promote phenomenological free research, as applied by Goethe, Hahnemann, Steiner and Jung. That’s why we in Quantum Transactional Analysis & Phenomenology” start a study into phenomenology with Husserl, Heidegger and Sartre. Because language expresses concepts with words, we take a brief look at language philosophy with Wittgenstein. But language philosophy does not contribute much. Interesting is what M.M. Sam writes about Steiner’s use of language, and how he brings life and feeling back into it. Then we investigate with Jung the alchemical language of the subconscious. It is about the symbols that shape our dreams. Afterwards we look at what Steiner has to say about folks, their language and their mission. Finally, we take a closer look at the Flemish script.

Once again you get two books in one. In book 7 I observe my own thinking. I know that I have not yet mastered living thought and I observe how I am (passively) thought and how far my intellect reaches. While studying various frames of reference from philosophy, psychology and science, I keep an eye on whether I enjoy it and whether my heart and soul are still participating. I continue until I no longer understand things.

In book 8 we start with an investigation into phenomenology according to Husserl, Heidegger and Sartre. Because language expresses concepts with words, we will briefly examine the philosophy of language with Wittgenstein. However, philosophy of language does not have much to contribute. It is interesting what M.M. Sam writes about Steiner’s use of language, and how he brings life and feeling back into the language. We then explore the alchemical language of the subconscious with Jung. After that we look at what Steiner has to say about peoples, their language and their mission.

Book 9: Quantum Transactional Analysis, Individuation & Language: About Wodan whistling in the wind; about Nietzsche ‘s pathos style; about NLP; about body language and bodywork; about Chi-energy; about synchronicity

Since reading the philosophy of freedom, I have been fascinated by multiple facets of freethinking through ideas, concepts and language. Also in this book, which is about Quantum Transactional Analysis, Individuation & Language, we look at different forms of language use and how we can combine conceptual frameworks with conceptual frameworks in order to expand reference frameworks, broaden perceptions, widen insights and achieve a greater range of options for action. Spoken language, body language and the language of the field are covered in this book.

The corona chronicles start with book 10. With the corona scamdemic we are dealing with a clear war of the elite against humanity. It is the first phase of WWIII, which the corona resistance calls the war of ideas. You get the history of the cabal’s attempts to install a medical dictatorship and how the resistance unites worldwide to avert this dystopian technocracy. In all these books background information is provided from the scientific and esoteric angles. The entire event is placed within the QTA frame of reference. These books were written for those who do not have the time to do their own research and for the awakened who want to delve into the matter. The first phase of WWIII takes place between March 2020 and March 2022.

Book 10: Quantum Transactional Analysis & the corona pandemic: an exercise in right and logical thinking

Quantum Transactional Analysis & the corona pandemic is an application of quantum transactional analysis to everything I could find on the internet about corona. I am doing phenomenologically free research. The outcomes and conclusions I draw are mine. In this work I share my outcomes, without wanting to impose them. Every reader is expected to critically examine the opinions I provide. Everyone has a duty to let go of their own knowledge of discernment on the topics they research. Between 21/3/20 and 17/4/20 I read and commented on newspapers that I found on the Internet and that shared their news for free, in the light of my findings. I have often provided critical and sarcastic comments to what I read. What mainstream newspapers report was carefully examined and questioned. In addition, I have read what the conspiracy theorist David Icke has to say. I have bought, read and commented on some of his books, in the light of quantum transactional analysis. During this crisis, Icke was expertly erased from the internet in every possible way. He gave permission to spread his insights without relying on registration rights and that is also what I do in this work. In this book, too, you will be offered new frames of reference for research and with which you may or may not increase your knowledge. That is entirely up to the reader’s free choice and intelligence.

Book 11: Quantum Transactional Analysis & the Red Pill; the Truth strikes back

Quantum Transactional analysis and the Red Pill is written. In the foreword you again get an anthroposophical frame of reference. You will also find a lot of evidence that we are dealing with a fake pandemic. The dangers of vaccinations are discussed in great depth. There is a chapter on conspiracy theories and what opponents think about it. A possible third world war, as a result of a mega economic crisis, is being examined. You can read about the dehumanisation of humanity through social distance and isolation. The last chapter mentions “ENDGAME” and the end of the book is open. Will new orchestrated corona waves follow with the additional lock-downs and further destruction of the economy, or let they silently fade out this hoax without loss of face, eliminating the need for a vaccine and leaving Bill Gates with its seven billion mRNA vaccines.

The first two books of the Corona chronicles are brought together here, books 10 & 11. This work is an example of phenomenologically free research and an application of QTA to everything I could find on the internet about corona. The results and conclusions I draw are my own. I share my beliefs openly and unvarnished, without wanting to impose them. I read and commented on the newspapers I found on the Internet that were willing to share their news for free, in light of my findings. I am also talking about David Icke, who saw all this coming from afar. This work also offers you new reference frameworks to investigate and with which you can increase your knowledge or not. That is entirely up to the free choice and intelligence of the reader.

Boek 12: Quantum Transactional Analysis & the end of the game: Will the lions win?

Book 12, Quantum Transactional Analysis & the end of the game, is ready. It is the third book in connection with the corona “plandemia”. It will be exciting, but also very grim. Government action knows no bounds and all fundamental rights are violated. They juggle with false numbers. The post-truth era is a fact. The press makes the public mad with lies. That makes more and more people awaken. Who will ultimately win? The brave lions who go for freedom and democracy or the sheep that baa after the WHO with Kill Bill. One thing is clear. The victory is not for tomorrow!

Book 13: Quantum Transactional Analysis & a deeper peek into the Rabbit Hole; about post humanism & the split of humanity

Book 13: “Quantum Transactional Analysis & a deeper look into the Rabbit’s hole” is about the continuation of the evolution of the corona hoax, which has been going on for several months now. The “Corona -Chronicles” started with book 10. Of course with the rabbit hole there is no reference to the Antwerp Scheldt tunnel, it rather refers to the English expression “down the rabbit hole”, which means that you are involved in an intensive search, where you go very deep into studying a particular topic. This is mainly about my own great awakening in a world in full Ahrimanisation, the existence of which is hidden from humanity by mainstream scientists, politicians and the media. A satanic community is at the helm. She is called DEEP STATE. In the meantime their plots have been exposed one by one, because what they want is total world domination. This book gives an account of the struggle (psyop) of their governments against humanity, which many refer to as WWIII. The end goal is ‘the great reset’. The question remains whether they will succeed.

Book 14: Applied Quantum Transactional Analysis; about roads to initiation and all that

Book 14, Applied Quantum Transactional Analysis, is about the C-crisis and how to deal with it in a way that invites you to develop further towards more freedom, responsibility, autonomy and maturity, through real, critical and logical thinking. It is important to examine things for yourself, to become your own yardstick, to follow your own moral compass, and to make your own choices, regardless of what others think, say, or want to force on you. A parallel is drawn with several initiation paths. The C-crisis provides ample material to progress on this path to greater self-awareness, honesty, purity, and wisdom. It comes down to turning your fears into trust, patience, and love. That takes a lot of self-discipline and courage. We are thrown back on ourselves. That opens up opportunities for introspection. We learn to listen to our inner voice and we stop doing what others desire and impose. Peace comes and we seek silence. In this book an appeal is made to the anthroposophical frame of reference and Steiner’s “Philosophy of freedom” is again discussed.

Book 15: Key concepts of Quantum Transactional Analysis; about communication skills & word art as antidotes for newspeak.

Book 15: Key concepts of Quantum Transactional Analysis, is again not an easy book. It is a brain stretching work that invites you to question and transform everything, absolutely everything you have been given in your upbringing, your materialistic education and your script of indoctrination and mass manipulation. Reading this work invites you to think and reason differently. It is about a logic that belongs to a higher, more spiritual consciousness and that is based on the new (quantum) paradigm. With this thinking you overcome the Enlightenment that belongs to the integration-people and which has been hijacked by Ahriman.

Book 16: Quantum Transactional Analysis & thinking along with great minds of old; as an antidote for the C-superstition & the C-Voodoo of today

Book 16, Quantum Transactional Analysis & thinking along with great minds of old, is mainly about Paracelsus and Goethe, two thinkers who already possessed an imaginative consciousness, with which they could fathom nature in a way that far transcends the integration-human of today. It is therefore not difficult to explain that these two already very advanced individualities are ridiculed, trivialized and cast aside in the present victorious and Ahriman hijacked collective integration phase. Thinking along with Goethe and Paracelsus is no easy task for those who have been raised, trained and brainwashed as an integration person. Rather, it’s brain-stretching, and that’s exactly the point. Book 15 ended in December 2021. We will pick up the thread again in January 2022. You can read about how we ended up from the corona madness, via the peace convoys and the Nürnberg II trials into the Ukraine crisis and a looming third World War. Also here you van read some chapters on the TVM-blog:

Book 17: Quantum Transactional Analysis & the storm after the calm; about totalitarianism, hyperinflation, revolts & war.

This book starts in August 2022. It doesn’t look rosy. Armstrong predicts a 2023 full of inflation, hunger, cold, polarization and violence. And yes, everything is indeed moving in that direction. We are dealing with Putinflation, drought, crop failures and a shortage of energy. WWIII hangs over our heads like the sword of Damocles. Also discussed are the psychology of totalitarianism à la Desmet; the documentary “Headwind”; the theology and ethics of Paracelsus; the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and Atlantis. Since Atlantis and Lemuria went down in an Armageddon, you can also read about Steiner’s interpretation of the Apocalypse as described in John’s Gospel. You again get a piece of contemporary history, embedded in a spiritual frame of reference.

Book 18: Quantum Transactional Analysis & the shift of the World order in 2023, Volume 1; about the decline of the Western Empire of Lies as a result of the woke doctrine.

Book 18 is currently being written. This book starts in January 2023 and it ends with june. You get an account of the events, month by month. Armstrong predicts the fall of the west with war, rebellion, deindustrialization, dedollarization, inflation and poverty. In that respect, we are well on our way. Those of the WEF and the WHO, the Bilderbergers, the banks and the elite are eager to take everything from the people under the guise of sustainability, the climate agenda and public health, to install a medical, technocratic dictatorship and to halt human development, via post-humanism. We will see. Perhaps there are enough awake and the critical mass is large enough to turn the tide. That would mean that the collective script has been transformed and that the possibility of further evolution as human beings remains open.

Book 19: Quantum Transactional Analysis & the shift of the World order in 2023, Volume 2; on the demise of the Western Empire of Lies as a result of dehumanization.

This book starts in May and ends in August. You can read how history develops further. There is still the wishful thinking from the grandiose ego’s of the narcissistic elite, who enforce their prescribed reality on everyone through their Mockingbird press, and there is the reality, reflected in the Corona-Chronicles. Furthermore, it is elaborated on what narcissism exactly is, how we deal with it, and whether you can treat it. Healing is only possible if there is a request for help, and a narcissist would only be able to adjust his behavior. I wonder if you can really heal a narcissist with transformational therapy and homeopathy. An impossible mission?

Book 20: Quantum Transactional Analysis & the shift of the world order in 2023; on the demise of the Western Empire of lies & the possibility for spiritual growth

This book starts in September and ends at the end of December. Between the chapters that cover world events, you will find a story about dealing with narcissism. It is a piece of prose that tells about an old woman, a therapist who discovers that she lives with a narcissist, and how she deals with it. This fall a second front will open in the Middle East and the Russophobic neocons in the US will not miss an opportunity to unleash WWIII in their warmongering. The Muslims are involved in this war and the question is not if, but when the West will have to deal with the long-awaited Jihad

After book 20 I stopped writing. All books will be translated into French during the year 2024. As a result, the contents come under a magnifying glass. Theories that make me think again, or positions that I no longer agree with, or ideas that need to be explored further, are discussed under the “Reflections” section on my TransVormMensia blog. I also write articles that put geopolitical developments in an anthroposophical light. In this book you will find an anthology of these reflections.

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