Quote: “In participatory science, the researcher’s quality of being is the pre-eminent instrument for phenomenological scientific research.”

The three circles in the logo symbolize the three ego-states as Eric Berne use them in his transactional analysis speaking of the Parent, the Adult and the Child egostate. Freud spoke of Uberich, Ich and Es. Rudolf Steiner introduces the three segmented human: Head, Hart and Pelvis. Or thinking, feeling and doing. Or body, soul and mind.

The three circles in the first circle stand for the pax cultura: the unity between science, art and spirituality. Here I mean the subjective, phenomenological free examination as introduced by Goethe, Hahnemann and Steiner, meaning that you become your own standard and you only trust your own intuitions, inspirations and experiences. You examine your old script convictions and grow into an autonomous liberal thinker and free explorer. An artist develops his creation power. In creating he transforms his script. Art works in a transforming way on the creator and on the spectator. Spirituality means, independency from churches, universities, politicians and legislators. You are in contact with your Higher Self and the Field, you have a high moral standard and you are socially engaged. You thrust your own experiences, intuitions and inspirations and you examine your own frames of reference continuously by sharing them with others. In sharing and listening you broaden your frames of reference and you widen your perceptions.

The white rose in the central area or the region of the heart, symbolizes the universal love. She stands for healing. She has the power to transform karma that emerge illness. In the spiritual frame of reference your karma is your script. You can transform your live script and get rid of all these maladies, sickness, diseases and discomforts.

Pegasus, the winged horse, we find in the circle, where the (inner) Child dwells. Here we find our script creeds and also our emotions and our creativity. Creation power is the result of the impulses that come from the Higher Self and the divine Field, through intuition and inspiration. In creating, in several forms of art, we are playing with the divine language of the subconscious, called alchemic language by Jung. This language is based on symbols, images, archetypes, senses… Pegasus is also a symbol for courage and inner power and he inspires poets. The winged horse is a symbol for all creative art.

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