Ode to the elemental beings


The gnomes
Are the vigilant
Entities of the roots
They live in the soaked
Element of the globe
In Mother Earth’s head
The kobold feels delight
Dwelling between
Cristal stones
And metal ores
It is with desire
The goblins and brownies
Bring minerals
To the roots
Of the plants in the woods
The arable land
The cultivated field
The meadow and the moor
That brings them mercy
That brings them joy

This wide awake wardens
Of the cosmic thoughts
That weave and live
Near by the roots
In the soil
Refuse to surrender
To gravity
Because there
Their power to shape
Can incline to forms
That resemble those
Of a toad
Because of this heavy emotion
Of repulsion and aversion
Of the look of the amphibian
They push away the plant
From the lower part
And drive him above

To the world of the gods
Goblins and kobolds
In a deeming way
Their sensory mental ability
Works as brain activity
They are the with inner
Light full filled
Carriers and receivers
Of the ideas of the universe
These wise spirits of the roots
Are the keepers
Of the mind of the world
In Mother Earth s coating
Made of silicon crystal
The heat of the sun
Makes the information
Of the outer planets
Through the hexagonal
Structures of grit

In that way
The brownies and goblins
And gnomes
That dwell between
The crystal stones
And metal ores
Are the guardians
Of the Akashi records
Or the wisdom of the Field

In the gestures of water
We find the everlasting
Turbulent, recreating
Nervous, never ending
Restless shape changing,
Passionate, transforming

They live in the eternal
Flexible, active, flowing
Streams of water and steam
In these fuzzy, foggy vapors
Between wet and damp
They wander and float
Around the plant
Revealing one self
As world chemists
Because these
Frail, ethereal princesses
Are dreaming
The association
And the separation
Of the substances
And give a spiritual
To the biochemical processes
Of the world

Gnomes drive
The essence of the plant
Up to the sky
Nymphs prevent
The wither of the greenery

In the murmuring water
Lives a refined
And tender being
That has her element
Where the fluids
And the etheric
Are gathering

These in eternal moving
Living and weaving nymphs
Escape from
The stiffening of the form
In the figure of the fish
Detained by the rigid fish spine
In the moistened wetness
Where they hallucinate their shape
They are satisfied
When they can reach the surface

In this enduring flowing
Flexible active moving
Between water and air
Nymphs fantasize
Of the inner planets
And the fire of the sun
And they bring the light
To the greenery and the leafs
Of the plants on Mother Earth

The gnomes and goblins
Are the amphibian fearing beings
Living in the humid earthly
The fish fleeing nymphs
Live and weave in the
Steamy misty component
Where they mingle
The grow of the plant
With their dreams
And their fantasies

In the with light
Fulfilled dry sky
Flights a swarm of birds
Which in their flight
Bring the air in a
Swinging whirling wave
In this swaying wagging breeze
Resounds a delight
Divine like melody
An etheric song
In perfect harmony
This spiritual music
Is the unique
Element where elves dwell
Here these more or less
Sleeping entities
Their senses of “Self”

In these enterprising atmosphere
Airy fairy winds are weaving
Waves where varying radiance
In the ethereal is
Assimilated and separated
Is the age-old process
Where the light
Transforms carbon dioxide
In the green parts of the flora
Into sugar and farina
And oxygen is dispensed
In the air

So the power of light
Takes part
In creating substance
And in the progression
Of life on earth

In the with light radiated
By the birds activated
And with music thrilled
World aura
Works the sylph
In that way emerges
A cooperation of
Lovely elvely light
And the nymphely chemistry
In the biology
Of the world flora

The in essence
Of height lust fulfilled
And in the element of air
Living love-fairy
Weaves by photosynthesis
Out of the sunbeams
And the biochemical activity
Of the nymph
The Platonic Idea
Of the primal plant
In the stalk and leaves
Of the herbs
With the arrival of fall
The greenery fades
And the physical substance
Of the leaves expire
The world idea
Of the identity
Of the shape of the plant
Drips down to earth
In a spiritual sense
Every year
The wise gnome
Watches during the winter
These archetypical ideas
And in the deepest inland
Of the earth
He connects
Intensively with the gestures
Of the plant
This is the true sense
Of the activity
Of Persephone
When she freely
Descends to the Hades

The real fertilization
Takes place
In the early spring
When the diligent goblin
In lady earths womb
The primal world ideas
He saved down there
With the actual physical semen
Formed in the male
Spheres of warmth
Where the fire spirits
Where doing their job

The fire spirits
Or salamanders
Dwell and labor
In the world
Of by summary sunrays
Emitted heat
After the plant weathered
The love of the sylphs
And Emerged
Farina and protein
Out of the light
He finds himself in the realm
Of the spirits of fire

In the hot summary days
Open fatherly processes of heat
The harvest on the field
And the plants on the land
For the inseminating activity
Of the masculine universe
It is the spirit of fire
That fertilizes with hotness
He removed from the cosmos
The green on the earth
Till deep inside the flowers
He carries the messages of warmth
And leads it through
The pollen and the stamen
The ovules and the ovaries
The pistil and the anther
Till deep into the blossoms
The elementals of fire
Are forcefully devoted
To pollinating insects
Which humming and buzzing
Collect sweet candy nectar
From the alluring flowers
In the fields and the meadows
And the squares and gardens
Follow the tracks
Of their fellow insects
They shadow
The swarming
Bees and butterflies
In order to engender
The heat in the ovaries
Of the blooms
Meanwhile they provide
These winged, pollinating
Zooming, whirling comrades
Which dance from
One highly colored
Fruity aromatized blossom
To another
From a glimmering
Glowing, sparkling
Glossy, shiny aura
I express my gratitude
To Goethe and Steiner
Which composed
With their exact sensory fantasy
A hopeful gateway
An encouraging entry
To the sphere of the etheric
And inspired me to see
The gestures or sign language
Of the elemental entities

In the late summer
When I work in my garden
And nourish
The multicolored patch
Generously with mulch
Which burst of earthworms
My soul exults
Because so many goblins
Came to live
In my charming court yard
There is a little pond
For the nymphs
Where they may dream
Cheerfully their chemistry
Birdfeeders and seed
Attract the birds in spring
Sparrows and tits and siskins
So the elves can bring their love
In to the blossoms and flowers
In the summer I listen
With excitement
To the buzzing,
Humming, zooming
Swarming activity
Of the pollinating insects
In my ligustrum hague
The beds with roses and lavender
And the butterfly bushes
I cannot see the fire spirits
With my naked eye
But I know they are bringing
The Cosmic messages into my flowers
And then I tell them
I am Anne
And I adopt thou
Orphaned elementals
In my little city garden
You may undertake
Your activity
Joyfully and merrily
And praising and celebrating
In an unaffected way
Without hurt
Without harm
Without pain
Without fear
For human sins
As pesticides
Or herbicides
Or chemical fertilizers

I am blessed
When I accept your offerings
You blissfully provided
It is with honor and pleasure
I take care of your presents
Which make me humble and happy

Anne Wuyts
6 October 2006
Free after D.Van Romunde’s “Perceiving Plants: Experiencing Elemental Beings, The Influence of Gnomes, Nymphs, Sylphs and Fire Spirits upon the Life of Plants”



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