I intensely enjoyed
Writing poems
About you
With you
By you
My dear great
Faceless muse
In poetry
I can find
Some peace of mind
Because then I am
Near to you
And I accept
That dreadful event

Writing poems
Opens a door
To the other side
And through the rhyme
I meet you
Dear Gawain
My muse
Writing poetry
Makes me happy
And cheery
Then you come to me

A genuine desire
Is fulfilled
I feel deeply delighted
Now I know
How I can greet you
Between humans

When you and me
Are writing poetry
Weaving dreams
Giving feelings
Shaping lyrics
Painting with words
Playing with language
In dreadful stories
About children who die
And pure love
And deep grieve
And awful mourning
My old wise soul
When we experience
That kind of poetry
Living it through
My soul mate
Then we are husband and wife
Gawain, my love
My muse
My husband
On the other side
Of the eternal night
Outside space
And outside time
We are married
For ever and ever

And when I let
My last breathe
And at night
I leave the land of the living
And I come
To my husband
On the other side
I know
You will wait for me
As a bridegroom
With outstretched hand
Before the altar
Waiting for his beloved bride

Anne en Gawijn 31/3/05


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