I am
I just am
I just am here
Sitting next to you
In a chair
Being very receptive

You are
You just are
And I sense
Your fostering presence
Next to me
When you switch
Your Inner Navigator on

And as we both are being
I become even more who I am
I am just sitting here
Being who I get
And with you beside me
I even got more who I am

I am
And I breathe in my being
I arise
And I breathe in my arising
I sense
And I breathe in my sensing
My soul is open
And defenseless
And ready to be healed

Then I get aware
How the wounds
Of my soul
Are gently caressed
By your fragile intention
How your subtle antenna’s
As friendly tentacles
Are reaching out to me
And as sweet whisker’s
Are stroking my frail aura

And then you tell
How you are touched
How warm it feels
Around your heart
When you relate
To my tenderness

I see you
And you see me
And you unveil
Your unarmed soul
And I reveal my deepest grieve
And we breathe
In our being
And we see each other
And we recognize each other
And it is so intimate
And so subtle
And so vulnerable

And the soil
We stand on
Is blessed
When the universe declines
And I encounter
The end of time
In this sacred moment

I remain silent
And you keep quiet
I deem your deep dread
And I show my deep grieve
In that one gaze
In that eternal moment
That you look into my eyes

Anne Wuyts
For Johannes
my coach, healer, teacher



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