I’m the horse
That I ride
And the wind
That blows in my face

I am the bow
I pull tight
and the arrow
I aim
At my prey

I am the prey
That I kill
And the meat
That I share
and eat

I am the prairie
And the blades of grass
And the buffalo
That gives clothes and food

I am the eagle
That flies over mountains
And the eagle’s feather
In my flowing hair

I am the mountains
That I honor
I am the trees
The clouds and sun

I am the song
That I sing
And the dance
That I dance
When I call for rain

I am the scream
I cry out
When I go to war
I am the cry
I shout out
In fighting injustice and greed
And a great lack of respect

I’ am

I am Cheyenne


My friend

Anne Wuyts


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